Natya Dhaara is a premier Bharatanatyam dance school/institution in Atlanta which imparts training and offers classes in the Classical Indian dance of Bharatanatyam to aspiring students artists and connoisseurs.

It's mission is to promote Bharatanatyam training, lecture demonstrations, workshops programs and productions. 

Rooted in tradition, one of the most spiritual and celebrated dance form of India, Natya Dhaara’s choreographies juxtapose the ancient and revered traditions of Bharatanatyam, with its director Uma’s avant-garde interpretations of it, and with other creative art forms from other cultures. Natya Dhaara’s training in Bharatanatyam offers three-levels, the beginner, intermediate and advanced.  The training includes not only technique but also cultural, historical, and mythological aspects of Indian classical dance. Class group sizes are kept small for personalized training and individual attention
Additionally, students get opportunities to perform at annual recitals, various venues and events in Atlanta, including many fundraisers, community and educational events.  Uma, Natya Dhaara's Artistic Director emphasizes on quality, technique, aesthetics, and has a holistic approach to dance. She not only acts a teacher but also as a friend and a mentor to her students.

This is one of the few schools that follows the traditional Gurukulam style teaching where students stay at the Guru's home and learn.  Students who go on to perform arangetram stay at the teacher's house for a certain time during the arangetram preparation.



Who We Are - Our Bharatanatyam classes, school, our mission and vision